We’re a digital agency. What does that mean?

At Butterfly, it means we do everything we can to have you looking great and working well in the digital space. Our tricky tech and drop-dead gorgeous design aren’t just there to impress.

They’re there to connect you in the best way possible with your customers, clients, users – your audience.
We go for function as well as form.

We have designers and developers in-house because we know that bringing the two together makes a website great.


We have project managers who nurse a project from its inception to the moment it takes its first steps into the big wide digital world because we know that someone taking ownership of a project makes it happen and happen well.

We don’t have salespeople, because we believe that the people who are best placed to talk to you about what we can do are the people who do the work themselves.


Our history

Butterfly was the brainchild of John Anderton, an economist turned business consultant turned IT industry enthusiast turned serial entrepreneur.

He created Butterfly in 2006
(making him an elder statesman of the digital world) because he loved all the new developments in IT he’d seen emerge in the previous decade, but realised that the customer had been left out of the picture.

John took Butterfly from the corner of his living room to our current office in Melbourne’s CBD. Now we’re a digital agency with 31 staff, working with clients all over Australia. How did we get this far? The quality of our work, of course. We also think our success has a lot to do with our culture.


Our culture

How can we talk about our culture without using cliches like
‘we love what we do’ and ‘we’re a great place to work’ or using overused words like creative or innovative? We can’t.

photos of staffs
photos of staffs
photos of staffs

What we can do is prove that there’s substance behind those cliches.

For example, the fact that our people stay with us for so long
(some even since the beginning) means something’s right about our culture.

You can see the creativity and
innovation in our work

Meet our team and get a sense
of what makes us tick

Our values

A supportive environment

A collaborative place to work gives people space to thrive, meaning our clients get the best out of us.


Great relationships

Positive client and team relationships with honesty and transparency at their heart.


Having fun

Encourage playfulness and humor in everything we do.


Innovation and creativity

Bring these to our work, our problem solving, and our design.


Relentless improvement

We want to get better at everything we do all the time.


How we work with you

We Butterflies are a rare breed – tech-lovers who know how to talk to actual real live people.

We love our relationships with clients as much as we love the work we do for them.
So when we reach for the word collaborative to describe how we work with you, we mean it.

We take the time to figure out what you need (even if you don’t exactly know), by getting to know you and your
audience - both existing and potential. Only then do we work out how to get things happening
in the best way possible, and how to get you looking the goods.

photos of staffs at the meeting

Right through the process, we keep talking to you — not in a sales-y or
naggy kind of way, but in a two-way sharing kind of way. We want your input.
Honestly. It’s good to know we’re all on the same page.

Because we understand people, we also understand that most people want to manage their content and their site to be easy. We’re all about making that happen once you’re off and running - with us there as a support vehicle, rather than the main driver. We use an open source content management systems – such as Joomla – so that you can more easily take the wheel.

One of the ways we like to collaborate is to use the principles of Agile project management.
You can read more about that here, and make a call on whether you think it’s for you.

Our pragmatism around budgets is another way that we work well with our clients.
It’s no good us suggesting something that costs way more than you can afford. Instead, we’ll come up with creative ideas that fit reality.