Have you ever watched videos on VLC player? Have you ever used Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to browse the internet? Do you have an android smartphone? The answer is probably yes – maybe to all of the above!

Open source software is everywhere these days. It can be anything from software such as browsers and media players, to professional 3D and game development engines, to servers and routers. Worldwide, more than 67 per cent of servers are powered by an open source operating system.

Open source is especially popular for large scale software and web development. The most popular CMS’s in the world such as Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress are all open source. Other less popular open source CMS’s include SilverStripe, phpBB, and DotNetNuke.

At Butterfly, (along with the rest of the world) we love working with open source software. Since Butterfly was initially established in 2006, we have wanted to contribute to the open source community.

On Friday 18th of October we participated in a global event to improve Joomla. This event was called Joomla Pizza, Bugs, and Fun which consisted of a global one day blitz to resolve as many issues as possible from Joomla’s issue tracker.

We decided to contribute two Butterfly developers (Bassam and myself) and a tester (Mark) which earned us a platinum badge.


By the end of the day, we managed to fix a few Joomla bugs and improve Joomla’s core code. The event itself was very well organised, and we wanted to share the process we followed during the blitz. This is a fantastic process for organising hundreds of developers across the globe collaborating on the same code base.

  1. We forked Joomla code into our github account
  2. We cloned the Joomla code into our development environment
  3. Each one of the developers picked up a bug/issue from Joomla’s issue tracker
  4. We would then check out the branch (Joomla version number) corresponding to the issue
  5. Fix the code
  6. Then our tester would test it
  7. And then we would commit and push the code back to github
  8. Finally we would send a pull request so the Joomla team would pull and merge our fixes into the Joomla CMS repository

The event was both exciting and rewarding. Here are some photos of the team having pizza, beer and fun. And of course, doing a little bit of programming!

arash arabi and bassam othman programming

arash arabi, bassam othman, and mark having pizza after coding

arash arabi, bassam othman, and mark at joomla pizza bugs and fun

I really encourage everyone to take part in such events and contribute to the open source community. It is reassuring to know that your contribution is helpful to millions of online users worldwide. 

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