A humorous 404 page is often a testament to how much a company cares about their website design and entertaining their web visitors. I’m delighted when I stumble across a site that has taken a creative approach to these warning messages. I recently crafted a new concept for Butterfly’s 404 page, during my web research I came across these beauties. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Seecoy.com 404 Error Page


This design is exceptionally simple, a large animated gif that fills the screen with static and a 404 message in the top right of the screen, resembling a television channel with no signal.

Psyklone 404 Error Page


Flash animation has been used to fool users into believing their system files are being deleted off their computer, everyone’s worst nightmare!

Limpfish 404 Error Page


Some cleaver copy has been incorporated into this wanted ad.



Blue Fountain Media have incorporated Pacman into their page!

HUWSHIMI 404 Error Page


This design blog features a beautiful illustration containing the 404 message.

Blue Daniel 404 Error Page


This is a wonderful example of someone theming their 404 page to their line of work. Bluednaiel.com is the website of a film producer, they have incorporated an animation of a subway with film posters suggesting the user is ‘Lost’.

Project euh 404 Error Page


I can’t say I understand the purpose of this website, hoverer the 404 is very cool. It features several broken image links in the shape of the numbers 404 as well as an irritating repetitive audio file.

Butterfly 404 Error Page


Be sure to check out the new Butterfly 404 page, we think it’s pretty cool.