The relationships that we establish with our clients are built up over time. Generally, these solid foundations stem from the positive experiences they have when they use our products and services. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to invest in your brand and ensure that your clients are left with a positive (and memorable!) impression of your organisation.

Listed below are three key brand drivers to help you decide for yourself how your brand rates:


  • How well does your brand connect with its customers on an emotional level? Your customers need to be able to relate to your brand. Consider brand superstar McDonald’s, who target kids with their happy meals. Once this customer base is all grown up, the now more sophisticated customer might opt for a Big Mac. In the customer’s mind, the McDonald’s brand is synonymous with fun times from their childhood which in turn cultivates strong brand loyalty.
  • Does it communicate your core business values really well? As a global leader in entertainment, the Walt Disney company has produced some fantastic films over the course of its existence. The core values of Walt Disney are honesty, integrity, respect, courage, diversity and balance. Not only are these values expressed through the nature of their feel-good family films, but different arms of the business are created in different parts of the world including India, Argentina and Russia. This helps to echo their balance and diversity values in both what they are selling, and how they are selling it.

Value and differentiation

  • How well does your brand communicate to your customers the true value of what you offer them? It is important to be able to express to your customers why and how you might be better than your competitors. Identify what sets you apart from other competitors in the market: do you offer a warranty that your competitors don’t, or maybe your product or service is simply a more cost effective option. Whatever it is, now is the time to find that special unique selling point and run with it.
  • Do you attract “high value” customers yourself or just price driven ones?
    The best types of customers are the ones that come back for more! Ensure you are building relationships with valuable customers, to do this, a memorable customer experience is key.


  • How good are you at making sure your target market group is aware that your brand exists?
    Employ the services of a marketing expert to help kick start your campaigns. Ask yourself, do I have a presence on social media? Do I hang out online (and offline) where my target audience hangs out and am I doing enough to make my brand stand out from the crowd?