An enewsletter is designed to engage your direct market audience and boost your business potential. The secret behind its success is to know what will and what won't grab their attention to create enewsletter success. Read these eight ways to engage your audience in your email marketing campaign to get started on the right foot.

An enewsletter helps to grow the online community surrounding your business, and it allows you to promote yourself as an expert in your field.

It is important to give your readers something of value, to inspire them to react to your message:

Have a well-designed template to engage interest, a catchy headline followed by valuable content relating to the title. Make sure you keep what you want to get across short and sweet. Make the reader feel like it is about them saving money, or it is easy or new and use words like ‘you’ to personalise it for the readers.

  1. Make sure your newsletter template is consistent with your brand as detailed in our Personalised vs Branded sender details blog. Remember, it is associated to you personally, or your company.
  2. Share a part of yourself or your employees with every edition of the newsletter. Bring it back to yourself and how the service or the product has worked for you. It allows them to identify with you as a real person, and help builds a credible relationship.  
  3. Include a testimonial to show how successful your service or product is for people. Be transparent. Allow them to know the name of the person or company name that has used your company or products; be sure to ask their permission first of course!
  4. Interact with your clients, offer a question and answer section to publish in the next issue, run a competition, or ask them to submit a contribution to your next edition that highlights the use of the service or product you provide.
  5. ‘How to’ articles are the best, it is about educating people. How to save time, money, how to groom a cat, or book keep and so on, ensure that all of these articles are aligned with the vision and pricinples of your business.
  6. Share your opinion on relating issues regarding the market you are in, the events you have attended, or products you have recently tried. It cultivates enthusiastic readers and conveys how passionate you are about the arena you work in.
  7. Include something for free like a download or add a link to a video, or an interview you have recently conducted with another expert in your field.

There is no exact science to enewsletters but it’s about effectively communicating to your audience in a way that results in positive outcomes for both your business and your clients.

Questions to consider when writing an enewsletter:

Is it going to share information that will be helpful? Are you asking your audience to interact? Are you convincing your audience to use your services or products by sending them a convincing message? What is it you are using the enewsletter for?
enewsletters should be based not only on selling but building relationships to increase your credibility with potential clients.

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