For those out there with a component such as Breezing Forms installed on your site, you may have experienced an issue when exporting the records, where all the information in the CSV is listed in one column. Not exactly a user-friendly way to work with the data! Unfortunately, this occasionally occurs when dealing with CSV files as the file format is not standardised or an official format. In an effort to provide you with the best support possible, here we outline the two most common issues and their solutions

  1. Breezing Forms configuration needs a tweak

    The configuration file of Breezing Forms should be checked to ensure that the CSV field separator option is set to use a comma (,). This can be accessed by going to Components > Breezing Forms > Configuration.

  2. The Excel formatting requires some alteration

    1. Select all the data in column A
    2. Select the Data menu item
    3. Click on ‘Text to Column’

    4. Select the ‘Delimited’ option and click ‘Next’. 

    5. Select the separator field from the list (either Semicolon or Comma) You can see this in the spread sheet separating the field data or as mentioned in configuration file option as above in the first option.

    6. Click Next then Finish (or just click Finish) This will now sort the data into separate columns.

If you are still experiencing issues and have tried either or both of the above solutions, please contact the helpdesk (we are of course here to help!)*

*Helpdesk support charges may apply for non-contract clients