We take pride on the helpdesk here at Butterfly in our goal to build relationships with our clients and provide them with timely and effective service. 

One of the biggest challenges we face in assisting our clients with their tickets is with the quality of information provided. When sending through a helpdesk request the more information you include the better. Links to specific pages containing a problem, screenshots of what error messages you are receiving, exactly which site is experiencing an issue are all extremely helpful in aiding us to troubleshoot and rectify any problem you may be having.

To help us help you quickly and effectively please keep in mind the Who, What, Where ideals.

Who – who it affects- in this case the domain. Please specify the domain which is experiencing an issue(some clients have multiple sites and this can cause lengthy delays in our troubleshooting)
What – Exactly what the issue is. What (if any) changes have been made recently? What browser you are using?
Where – We love links. Send us all the links. Directly linking us to a page you are experiencing a problem with on the front end is great. Send us a screen cap of an error message you are receiving on the backend, or which article/module is causing grief. We love it.

There is no such thing as TMI (too much information) in the world of helpdesk.