This month we have had a few requests come through the helpdesk regarding locked articles/modules/etc. When a user opens an item to make changes, Joomla locks it so that nobody else can enter the item and overwrite changes that someone else may be making. Hovering your cursor over the lock displayed next to the item you wish to enter you can see the details of the user logged into the item and what time. If it’s been locked for a few days, or you know that person is definitely not working on it, chances are it hasn’t been closed properly.

Built into Joomla is the feature to “Check In” locked items. If you can see that somebody has not closed out of the item properly then go ahead and check that baby in.

The version of Joomla your site is running on will affect the methods available to you. 

Joomla 1.5

If you are certain that there is nobody else logged in and working on anything in the backend then you can check all locked items in by going to Tools > Global Check-In . As soon as you click it will unlock any locked items.


Joomla 2.5+

In Joomla 2.5 the check in feature changed and made it much easier to check in exactly what item you are after. Check the box next to the locked item and then click the ‘Check In’ button in the right hand corner.


Try to get into the habit of closing out of articles/modules/etc and avoid using the browser back buttons. The close button is located in the right hand corner where the save/apply buttons are. It is also recommended that you logout of your session before closing your browser. These recommended best practice tips will help you to ensure that you are exiting the item correctly and not leaving it locked for the next person to come along.