In the spirit of continuous improvement (a core Butterfly value), a recent process review determined that our hosting platform was due for a refresh. With this as our impetus, we decided it was time to review our hosting service as a whole by reassessing the benchmarks of our hosting requirements, costs and technologies and completing a two month evaluation of five different providers who met our exacting standards.

The result was the selection of a new cloud platform and a decision to migrate more than 180 domains. After much planning, planning (and then some more planning) we developed a communication plan, server creation and migration schedule that saw the migration of that large list of sites just after Christmas.

The new platform gives us better stability, control and performance allowing our clients to enjoy stress free hosting and support. We can dynamically resize power (so clients can request more "oomph" for peaks in traffic), we have more control over network traffic (which in turn makes sites more secure) and the platform is running on newer, faster, stronger hardware so performance gets a massive boost.

We also took the opportunity to ramp up our monitoring for both performance and stability. And if for some reason they're not behaving, our System Engineers jump out like ninjas to get things running like clockwork again. This monitoring service is in trial mode at the moment but will be rolled out in full in the coming months.

Site migrations were all completed on time without any sites going down or other major issues – which is a massive win! We'd like to thank our clients for working with us during the process to ensure that their transition was both smooth and successful. We are planning further migrations in the coming months as we consolidate all our sites onto the newer, shinier and more productive platform.

We can all now relish in the fact that we've made the internet a better place – one server at a time!

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