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We couldn’t wait to share our exciting news with you! - Butterfly is 74 on the BRW Fast 100 list for 2012. The BRW Fast 100 list is a highly sought after recognition as it celebrates Australian companies who are growing in tight economic conditions and at Butterfly, we are honoured to be included this year.

It’s an exciting day for us; so today we’ll be celebrating by only sending hilarious cat photos in response to any emails. Or not. But seriously, congratulations team!

John says

The award represents a significant milestone for us, after six years of solid growth, and we are excited to be featured on this list. It’s great to receive recognition of the hard work we have put in to supporting the Australian web industry and the clients we work with every day.

Six years ago when Butterfly started up in Melbourne, we were excited to be able to send picture messages, 72% of us were still on dial-up and Facebook had only just opened up registration to non-college members. Now we can’t imagine life without 3G smartphones, google maps, and the idea of a business not having a website. We think keeping up with the lightning quick changes in our industry as a young, fast and flexible company, and our focus on service and continual improvement, have been the defining factors in our success.

Brendon and I had a great time at the BRW awards in Sydney, speaking to the other companies featured on the list and learning about what they are doing to succeed in a tight economy.

Big thanks to everyone at Butterfly and to all our clients and partners.

Liz says

On my first day at Butterfly, John was going over his introduction to Butterfly- about who we are and where we came from, and included in the company values (continuous improvement, failing forward, 100% customer focus) were some of the company goals. My first thought was that it was awesome everyone in the team is involved company goals from the beginning- as not every business is so motivated to a): have goals, or b) share them with staff. Some of these goals have eventuated and some haven’t (yet), but I clearly recall the moment, seeing BRW’s Fast 100 in the list.

It can sometimes be a bit scary joining a small company, with big things to achieve. The learning curve is steep; there are changes literally every day, especially in a rapidly developing industry such as ours. Those challenges just make it all the more inspiring and motivating to have achieved something like joining the Fast 100, and it encourages us to keep working, innovating, doing what we love and looking for ever more opportunities in which to improve, and become the best at what we do.

Congratulations to John and all the amazing team at Butterfly.

About BRW Fast 100

The BRW Fast 100 list, compiled in association with RMIT University’s school of management ranks Australia’s top 100 fastest growing small and medium businesses through calculating their annual revenue growth over three years. Companies from all of Australia’s major vertical industries are represented in the Fast 100 list. To qualify, companies must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a turnover greater than $500,000 in 2008-2009
  • Have fewer than 200 employees (full-time equivalent – where two part-time staff members equal one full-time staff member)
  • Not be a subsidiary of a foreign company
  • Turnover for 2009-2010 must be greater than for 2008-2009
  • Not receive more than 50% of revenue from one client

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