When the last bit of furniture arrived, and the fruit bowls were arranged JUST SO, we looked around and realized just how much of the décor was acquired or inspired by the internet. So we thought we’d share a few of the tips we learned while doing our fit out.

Collaboration for fun and profit - Pinterest

The fun began by inviting everyone onto our office inspiration mood board. With the freedom to pin anything we found inspiring, ideas grew from unexpected places.  The speed and ease of pinning meant it was easy to get started, and fast to return to whenever you needed reminding of a particular item, style or idea. The most obvious theme was anything Butterfly- followed closely by Geek Chic.

The board is still pretty active, with the designer busily pinning their ideas for the chalkboard-painted pillars scattered throughout the office.

Not only was it great for visual mapping, it served as an awesome book marking tool so we could remember where we saw that bloody stuffed unicorn head thing and buy it later. See if you can spot what we managed to grab!


Google docs

We are crazy for Google docs, they help us schedule our workflows in day to day, but for the fitout, we used it to manage the décor budget. When out and about shopping, we could check via the Google Drive app if the table was “in budget” or if something couldn’t just maybe be shuffled a little bit, please, I really want this one!?!

The wall

Mio Culture is an American based interior design company that specializes in unique and versatile products; we came across their Nomad room separator on a design blog and fell in love. The modular architectural system is delivered flat packed after assembly it transforms into a freestanding, temporary partition without hardware, tools or damage to existing structures.

IMG 0792

IMG 7055

A sexy sofa

Our reception area required a sofa to greet and seat our visitors. We came across an amazing set on eBay that matched the Butterfly red swatch almost perfectly; its organic curved lines mirror those in our logo. Be sure to take a seat next time you stop by. The red, white, silver theme including the coffee table and rug was inspired by a photo pinned by Sophie.


Inspired by:


Butterfly art

Inspired by many examples of butterfly art we decided to craft our own. We ordered 480 acrylic butterflies from eBay to adorn our walls.

Bigger is better

Every business needs a sign, we ordered ours from LF Signs after finding them on Google. At an impressive two metres wide and sitting upon a bright red wall, the Butterfly sign is an impressive sight to behold.

IMG 7202

Partition walls and office furniture

When we found the office space it was entirely open plan, devoid of any meeting rooms or offices. We enlisted the services of IC Corporate interiors, a client and long time friend of Butterfly to help us create our ideal layout. Irene worked closely with Butterfly to plan the foundations of the space, creating multiple floor plans and helping us find solutions to our many demands. They really did a fabulous job!

IMG 7239

IMG 7252


Having never had a proper lunch or breakout room, we were determined to create something extra special for our common area. But it took a bit of convincing. Bringing together the ideas and products we had found online to create a highly sophisticated mood board *cough* MS Paint *cough*, got everyone pretty excited.

We had grass installed to create the feeling of a garden inside, combined with the custom-made kitchen tables and benches, garden furniture and umbrella complete our "garden on the second floor".


IMG 7046

IMG 7152

Knitting club is Monday lunchtime.

Game of Thrones

If you have noticed a familiar theme running throughout our office consider yourself part of the club! We have named all our meeting rooms after the Game of Thrones TV show: Qarth, The Eyrie, Winterfell, The Wall, King's Landing and Highgarden.  

The stickers were designed by Renee, from sketches found on the Google and vector-ised for printing onto vinyl wall decals, provided by the excellent Walls That Talk, and then painstakingly stuck on by some brave ladies (Sophie, Renee & Liz, we salute you - Butterfly).

IMG 0783

Annoying the hell out of the devs

Oh yeah we also got this motion detecting, talking Portal Turret. It totally never gets old.

IMG 7060

Target acquired. *machine gun noise*

So that is the office that the internet built. Using the tools of the internet we found things we never would have found, got the best prices, got the team involved and saved heaps of time and effort by shopping from the comfort of our desks/sofas/wherever.

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