When Google makes a call regarding user habits in the digital space, and where they're headed, they're often right. This time around, it's nice to see some stats and predictions that are relevant to the Aussie smartphone user!

How does this affect my target audience?

An info graphic courtesy of Google's how to gomo campaign (www.howtogomo.com) tells us more about different sectors as a whole than your standard analytics reports, and most of the information is not surprising. In fact, it's closely aligned with what we know about human behaviour – we like to be mobile, and right now, human migration is a global phenomenon – and so is the need to take the digital world with us.

But first, some fun facts:
52% of Australians have a smartphone – one of the highest uptakes per capita in the world
23% of Australians would rather give up their TV than their smartphone
40% of users take their smartphone with them to research shopping options
77% of users choose mobile websites over applications
84% of AIMIA respondents were predicted to own a smartphone by mid 2013

Just a typical Saturday:

Here is a bit of a statistical breakdown about how Aussie smartphones users spend their time online.

7am - At the end of 2012, there was a 138 per cent increase in the number of Australians who check the news and weather first thing in the morning, peaking at 7am.

10am - This is the most popular time for mobile banking and 63 per cent of users will also be considering travel options.

11am-2pm - Most Aussies love sport and this translates in the digital world too – most Aussies will spend their Saturday afternoons checking in on the latest sports results.

3pm - The Aussie shopper is looking to do some serious retail therapy on Saturday arvo, and will be trawling the web for specials and deals. According to Google, 40 per cent of shopping related searches now come from smart phones or tablets.

6pm - Dinner is on everyone's mind around this time. Searches spike for restaurants and recipes, and 33 per cent of these searches will be for local information.

10pm - Social networks are accessed sporadically throughout the weekend, but there is a stark increase in activity, maxing out at 10pm.

So there you have it – statistical proof of what we all knew- we Aussies are glued to our phones from dusk til dawn. How we access the Internet and where is increasingly based on our desire to be mobile, which of course, humans are by nature. Users value mobility more than they value the UX of what they are actually accessing, but what if you could have both?

Looking at your Google Analytics report will give you an idea of how, when and on what your website is being accessed, and if you're seeing a steady increase in hits from smartphone and tablet devices, it might be time to talk mobile.

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