Valentine's day, I guess you either love it or hate it but this year the Butterflies are definitely feeling the love for creative ideas!

If you’re a fan of Valentine's day, then there’s some seriously cool gift ideas, and you’ll appreciate some card tutorials and design freebies! If you’re like me and love all things design keep scrolling for gorgeous poster and creative prints, parallax sites and side-splitting videos.

Let’s not leave out the men, there’s something for them too and I think they’ll score points (just quietly) if they get themselves a statement t-shirt (keep reading to find out). There’s something visually pleasing for everyone so get involved and I hope you have a great Friday the 14th (AKA Valentine's Day). 

Pixel popup heart card


Feeling crafty? Check out these mini-eco paper designs! Click here for pixel popup card tutorial.


My geeky Valentine


Gorgeous illustration series called 'My Geeky Valentine' by Art Director/Graphic Designer - Joanna Behar. View more artworks and prints here


For the fellas


If there's one way to a lady's heart - it's through not-so-subtle flattery! 
Guys if you're looking for something fun, then check out Etsy's range of personalised mens t-shirts.


For the ladies


If you're looking for some gorgeous Valentine's gifts or stationary then look no further than Kikki K. They have a beautiful collection of Valentine's products ranging from cards, mugs and stationery.


Video love


This heart melting video 'Kids react to Valentine's Day' is simply gorgeous! Check it out and fall in love.


Poster design


If you're a bit of a sweety, (or just love a bit of a sweety) then this poster design by Pedro Nekoi is just for you.


Free vector pack


This one's for the designers who are thinking of making a personalised card this Valentine's day. Get creative with this free Polygonal vector hearts pack!


Parallax love story


The story of Jess and Russ is a love story, online wedding invitation. This beautiful story unfolds as you scroll down revealing lovely contributions from illustrators along the way.


Love memes


For hours of entertainment (and in this case, some serious man candy) simply google Valentine's memes...enjoy






Eye candy


Heart shaped macaroons



Red velvet cupcakes from the Cupcake Bakery



Max Brenner hug mug 

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