Butterfly are strong proponents of Agile Methodology, having incorporated Agile methods and run projects using Scrum for several years.

Senior Software Engineer & Solutions Architect Arash Arabi has been a huge internal advocate for the system and has recently completed his Product Owner certification (which he keeps next to his Scrummaster cert in the Pool Room).

They’re there to connect you in the best way possible with your customers, clients, users – your audience. We go for function as well as form.

A Certified Scrum Product Owner is an internationally recognised and prestigious certification/accreditation. The course was offered by globally recognised scrum trainer and author, Ilan Goldstein from AxisAgile.

Arash gained in-depth knowledge of Scrum product development framework, the roles and responsibilities in Scrum, and the various artifacts and ceremonies of scrum. The course is structured around implementing iterative development using best practice techniques.

Key takeaways were:

  • How "Lean Startup" methods can be used to develop MVP (Minimum viable Product) and MMP (Minimum Marketable Product)
  • Different techniques for effective requirements gathering and documenting requirements in "user story" and "epic" formats
  • Techniques for prioritising work including "Kano Analysis" and "Relative Feature Weighting".

Each time a Butterfly completes a course such as this, they come back brimming with ideas to implement, which will help our clients get the best value and the best experience out of working with Butterfly.

Over time we’ve completely reinvented our discovery processes, project management tools and processes and dramatically improved our internal collaboration using scrum and scrum-influenced techniques with a touch of Butterfly.

Our goal is to get all of our team certified as Scrummasters or Product owners by the end of financial year and move towards being 100% Agile in coming years. If you haven’t heard of Agile, we highly recommend you check it out.