The project

Many people come to Camp Quality’s website when they’re at their most vulnerable, just after a child or other family member has been diagnosed with cancer.

Camp Quality’s purpose is to create a better life for children living with cancer and they support kids aged up to 13 years and their families around Australia. So that people could find exactly what they needed without getting overwhelmed, Camp Quality wanted a service-led, user-friendly web site. In fact, forget the jargon of user-friendly; it just had to be friendly. Full stop.

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Design Award

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Responsive site lead to a 345% increase in mobile traffic

27% increase in average time on each page

The design

Camp Quality is vibrant, optimistic and colourful. That could be a description of the design we came up with.

We’ve used images of kids with cancer without sensationalising them or over-sweetening them.

The drop down menu where families can find the programs that best suit them is front and center of the home page.

image of camp quality new design

The Solution

image of camp quality new website

We thought hard about who Camp Quality are and what they do.

It seemed to us that the programs were at the heart of what they do, so to make the site truly service-led, we put the programs at the heart of our solution. We developed a drop-down menu that asks people who they are (e.g. child, parent, teacher) and where they want help (e.g. home, school, hospital).

Users can’t go wrong. After they’ve plugged the categories in the site takes them directly to the programs that suit them best.

This was a project that needed lots of talking – we chatted to stakeholders from all corners of the Camp Quality organisation. Our program-centred design brought all the information from different parts of the organisation out of separate silos and into a unified whole, again making it easier for people to find what they need.

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Tech talk

Our developer modestly calls the tech work on this project simple.

The most serious challenge on this project was developing the custom search function so that users could find the right Camp Quality program. A plug-in on top of a standard Joomla function, getting the tags right for each individual program, and setting the search parameters so that the Sphinx was not just searching the string but also excluding irrelevant data, and we were set. It sounds easy, but as any developer knows, and lots of users find, search is often hard to get right.

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