The project

It was with a rich tradition of giving that Catholic Church Insurance sought new ways of spreading compassion, kindness and hope. A new foundation would be born, and CCI Giving would help fund projects and causes of all kinds to protect the most marginalised people in our community.

In their words, Catholic Church Insurance gave us an impossible challenge: To create the brand and website for CCI Giving to have a similar, yet completely different look and feel to their master brand. And, the hard part… we had just a few weeks to do it.

image of old website


Page views up by 14%

New visits to the site has
increased by 20%

 icon showing 39% increase

Mobile views up by 46%

 icon showing 39% increase

The design

Our first task: “Do the impossible”.

CCI and CCI Giving are separate entities, but they are related and need to look recognisably so. We drew instant inspiration from CCI’s established stained glass window icon, which provided the perfect visual connection between the master brand and the Foundation.

From this kernel we experimented with some concepts for a CCI Giving logo, starting with some classic, yet modern designs; some minimalist, and on a couple of others we really let our hair down to show them what was possible, if they wanted something a bit more disruptive.

The logo needed to convey the warmth of a charitable foundation and avoid feeling like an insurance company. We were delighted to nail it on round one. They picked a concept almost instantly, with no changes at all. They chose a design representing positive social impact, implied by diamond shapes fanning out to form a flower, a kind of ripple effect, which could also symbolise growth and the positive impact giving.

image of cci giving new design

The Solution

image of cci giving new website

We’ve actually known CCI for a while. We had completed a number of pure graphic design projects for them, and then their internal development team reached capacity, of time and expertise. That’s when they asked us to provide a solution, from development to design, we could do it better, faster and more affordably.

The crucial element of this is we could create CCI Giving fast without sacrificing on quality.

With a complete understanding of the CCI brand, its history and ambitions, our research into CCI Giving as a brand was accelerated.

Our familiarity with CCI also made for super responsive feedback loops, but actually for us, that’s just the way we work. We select the tools and software that will get the job done most efficiently. For instance, InVision is a program we practically fawn over. It’s the Google Docs of the design world. It makes designs easy to share with multiple stakeholders, then all they have to do is point, click and comment on the design. It’s so efficient you barely notice you are using it.

It’s choices like this, coupled with serious technical know-how that enables us to produce high-quality, powerful brands, websites, apps… well, you name it.

image of cci giving responsive websiteimage of cci giving new responsive websiteimage of cci giving new responsive website

CCI giving mission and objectives

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