The project

KangaNews is the finance sector’s go-to resource for all the latest news on the Australasian fixed-income market. This publishing and events business is massively content-rich — which proved a welcome challenge for the Butterfly team.

Having established the brand with a professional-looking magazine, KangaNews then turned to upgrade its online offering.

The brief from KangaNews was to create a fresh, engaging website that would attract more users and get them to stay on pages longer. KangaNews also took the opportunity to ensure the new site is fully responsive.

Butterfly is proud to be part of KangaNews’s future through the design and development of their new website.

image of old website


Page views up 29.85%

Average time on
page up 2.78%

 icon showing 39% increase

Organic search
(Google/Bing etc) up 46.31%

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The design

For design inspiration we turned to KangaNews’ premier product — their magazine. We found its strong, bold colours and text, crisp design and swathes of comforting white space, all pointed to easy on the eye, uninterrupted reading. A good starting point.

Then, we scoped out their competition. We found from a design perspective that many news sites are cluttered by hyped-up content, a mess of images, and unwanted banner ads — all of which impact poorly on the user experience.

As a magazine, KangaNews can set itself apart from daily news outlets, and cater specifically to their passionate readership with a mix of long and short form content.

To suit the needs of the users we put the content first by integrating their banner ads seamlessly into the website. Then, we created space on the homepage for feature articles and built in enough padding so no content is left jostling for attention. The resulting design mimics that of their magazine — bold, crisp and uncluttered.

image of NDS new design

The Solution

image of NDS new website

Our design for KangaNews is more than easy on the eye. It has helped the business reach new audiences and drive registrations.

To attract new audiences we had to help search engines find KangaNews. On previous versions of their website all content was restricted behind a paywall. Users couldn’t access any content if they weren’t registered, and neither could Google’s industrious little bots.

These bots need text to index pages, so to push KangaNews up the page ranks we gave users access to the opening of each piece of paywalled content.

A cheeky teaser leaving the reader wanting more. Now, search engines can see thousands and thousands of pages of content KangaNews didn’t used to have, giving them a larger online footprint and building on their authority.

All of this, with the added benefit of driving sign ups by offering free trials to users who want to access full articles.

image of kanganewsnew responsive websiteimage of kanganews new responsive websiteimage of kanganewsnew  responsive website
image of KangaNews new responsive website

But, perhaps the most significant change for KangaNews online is the shift to responsive design, which means their highly mobile readership can access KangaNews’ content on any screen, at anytime.

image of php file

Tech talk

A point of pride for us is our capacity to deliver out of the box solutions to clients when needed. KangaNews was a special job and it required some big custom efforts, including building an archive of their entire magazine back catalogue and the aforementioned Dashboard.

KangaNews’ old website ran a ‘text based’ search solution, which is okay, but will only offer limited results based on what the user writes in the search field. With relevant search the user is more likely to get the information they want.

The relevant search function produces results based on different weightings for each article field. So, if “ANZ” appears in the title of an article it has a higher weighting than if it appears in the body of the article.

Making this work was no small feat, we did a deep dive into KangaNews’ content and identified the most appropriate tagging rules for everything, from articles to events.

And we made it easy for KangaNews to do the same with new content. We gave them the capability to add extra information to their articles via custom fields. For example, they can now select which organisations a piece of content refers to via a drop down menu when uploading an article to their website.

The new search capability offers users a whole new realm of usability and accuracy for users navigating KangaNews’ powerful new website.

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