The background

This isn’t so much a case study as a relationship study. We’ve been getting to know Mission Australia for a while now, and we’ve gone from doing the odd one-off project for them to being a long-term partner.

Mission Australia has important work to do helping vulnerable people. Their time is better spent on that than worrying about the ins and outs of their web presence. At the same time they know how important it is to get it right.

image of mission Australia website


Great working relationship

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Create regular creative campaign pages

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creative direction

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Like many relationships, things started out small. Mission Australia got us in for our design rather than development skills.

Their existing text-heavy Joomla website needed a new look. We came up with a layout and palette that all the many stakeholders liked and we focused on creating the right areas to put the most important content.

image of Mission Australia website

How we work together

image of allen and unwin new website

Then they started to get us to help with ironing out bugs in the website. They began to use our support services.

Next, they wanted SEO implementation based on an existing SEO strategy.

Now, we’re the force behind their websites (including hosting) and they use all our services. We regularly do crucial projects, like campaign work with landing pages that change seasonally and are aligned to specific campaigns.

They trust our direction on design, UX and development, and we often work with third parties who provide the copy and creative strategy to make sure everything’s just right.

image of mission Australia new responsive websiteimage of mission Australia new responsive websiteimage of mission Australia new responsive website
image of Mission Australia new responsive campaign

Most recently we’ve been working on a big integrated campaign that’s more sophisticated than ever. We’ve custom-built interactive modules to really get potential donors to engage with Mission Australia.

So what’s the secret to this successful relationship? Mutual trust and respect. Clear expectations. Meeting those expectations. And, at the heart of all of this, we just really like each other.

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