The project

Monash University’s Low FODMAP Diet™ was already changing the lives of IBS sufferers, but there was great potential to do more. With millions of people to reach at home and abroad, Monash University needed to raise the profile of their revolutionary research, bring a raft of offline systems online, and give their locally successful app a leg up to reach international markets.

For this, they needed more than a pretty website — they needed a website with international appeal developed to incorporate an ecosystem of connected parts and custom componentry, and they needed it in under three months.

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4 month delivery


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140,000 unique visitors
since launch date

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The design

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the design, there’s something you should know — This was not Monash’s first website for FODMAP. The original lived on the Monash main site, among everything from course information, to staff directories and so on. It was a bit lost in the vastness of Australia’s largest university.

This is one reason we gave FODMAP a site of its own — a powerful one at that — with clear navigation and messaging, free from the constraints of the master brand (though we were careful not to stray too far). We made the graphics, colours and typography authoritative yet inviting, warm and colourful.

Our big design challenge, though, was to create a website tailored to the needs of three very different user groups, each requiring a different user-journey directing them towards making an action on the website. A problem we solved by creating a landing page for each user group accessible by a sticky primary navigation menu at the top of each page.

image of anzsog new design

The Solution

image of monash fod map new website

The breadth of the project was immense.

We architected a complete solution drawing on our experience with CRMs, Learning Management Systems, integrations, international audiences and payments, email marketing strategy, campaigns and launching startups.

At the core of everything is the CRM, for which, we chose and implemented Salesforce and into which we integrated three major platforms.

The first brings Monash’s large, complex product and recipe certification process online, simplifies it and automates parts of it, making it easy for food manufacturers and Monash to follow. This process used to happen on a series of spreadsheets and word docs and it has made a huge difference in the management of the low FODMAP certification process. It’s a huge time saver.

The second is an eCommerce platform built for future scaling. Its integration with Salesforce streamlines Monash’s operations, reduces overheads and helps them get returns on their research.

The third platform is a responsive LMS we designed in conjunction with Monash using cloud LMS, Canvas with course-builder, Rise integrated as well. Any university will attest to the frustrating difficulty in building a user-friendly, attractive and responsive LMS — So, Monash were pretty pumped when that’s exactly what we delivered. Even the folk at Canvas were impressed with what we could do with their tools and using Rise.

image of MONASH FODMAP responsive websiteimage of MONASH FODMAP new responsive websiteimage of MONASH FODMAP responsive website
image of anzsog website

Brand building

The key to unlocking international markets, particularly US markets, came by creating brand awareness with targeted email marketing.

We developed a strategy to hone in on each of their three disparate user groups — IBS sufferers, food manufacturers and dieticians. Through our own email marketing set up, each user group receives content relevant to them funneling them through to the LMS, the app, product certification or online store. The campaign to date has been a great success with open rates hovering around 63 percent since the launch, with a high conversion rate to boot.

Collaborate and elevate

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