User Experience is what good digital design is all about. It’s not just about making stuff look good. It’s about helping the user find their way around. It’s about marrying look and tech so that everything works easily for the user. Did we mention the user? They’re always front of mind at Butterfly.

Our work certainly looks great. The number of awards our designers win shows just how great. They come up with a look that’s your very own and reflects who you are.

photos of staffs at the meeting photos of staffs at the meeting photos of staffs at the meeting

You can take it as read that web design at Butterfly is responsive. Users expect that these days.

We could quote stats on how many people use devices rather than computers to access digital content, but you already know that.

Collaboration and feedback

Using the latest toys is usually reserved for the developers. But building design prototypes help our clients understand the design before it’s built, preventing communication issues and costly fixes. Plus, our interactive feedback tool allows easy commenting, right on the design, making revisions a breeze.

Website Development

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