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Joomla web design in Australia

Joomla, also known as "Joomla CMS", is a content management system; it functions as the foundation block of a modern commercial website. There are numerous free (open source) examples of CMS Software, and they pursue similar goals – to allow easy creation, management, or expansion of your business website. However, Joomla websites stand head and shoulders above the rest with multitude of add-on components, platform stability, community support, and functionality.


The main advantage of using Joomla website to manage your online content is that it allows non-technical people to make quick and easy changes or additions to a website. Web maintenance tasks which used to require a trained IT professional are now automated and streamlined. There are other advantages to using Joomla CMS, which are listed here: Joomla CMS Features.


It is worth noting, that other than ease of website management, Joomla websites have another important quality: scalability. By using different modules or components a company can quickly add functions or extend capabilities of their Joomla website. Typical add-ons are: shopping carts (online shops), forms, galleries, e-mail marketing, contact management, blogs, membership areas, and booking systems – to name but a few.


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Our Approach to Joomla Web Design

Our approach to Joomla web design is aimed at delivering best technical and commercial value to our clients. We use Joomla because it is a PHP-based solution, it is very versatile, it is free software, and it is largely platform-independent. This means that it can be used on a wide variety of hosting and server environments.


Butterfly starts web design with development of a Joomla Template. These templates define visual appearance and navigation of the website. Then we install and customise Joomla Components required for the site. There is a huge number of components available online, some for free, and some at affordable prices. These components integrate with Joomla websites and add extra functionality. Our skilled developers can modify and integrate existing components or create something especially for your requirements.


We also chose to use Joomla because it is an open-source content management system. This ensures that our clients have access to large and vibrant community of Joomla Developers, and are not tied-in to any proprietary software. Such approach gives our clients freedom of choice and access to ever growing list of components and modules.


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Advantages of Joomla Websites

  • Non-technical people can edit and expand the site quickly & easily
  • Website can be edited online from anywhere in the world
  • Provides convenient way to store and organise information
  • Open Source, does not tie you to one developer or supplier
  • Large world-wide developers community
  • Allows version and access control
  • Allows rapid functional expansion via modules and plug-ins
  • Bulk updates – you can add hundreds of products with a single upload