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Think of Joomla Template as the foundation and framework of your website.


Joomla Templates contain not only your website's visual identity, but its menu structure and navigation too. A Joomla template determines how the content is displayed on your website, and how your website interacts with your customers. Your Joomla template is an online shell which your brand is encapsulated in. It has to look and feel good on the outside – as well as guide user to take a desired action...


Joomla Templates are the basis of a great Joomla website. What’s more, getting custom built Joomla templates made for your website can make all the difference in communicating your brand online, in a unique and engaging manner.


Choosing the right Joomla template design for your website is as important as knowing who your intended market is. A business website is usually the main port of call online, for both your prospective and existing customers, so it’s important to make sure it’s built to your specific requirements. It should address the needs of your business and your clients – both practically and aesthetically.


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Custom Joomla Templates by Butterfly

While the Joomla template design can be quick – it’s not about cutting corners, but making sure your business is conveyed correctly and effectively. Butterfly achieves this through a creative briefing process which is integral to portraying your brand online. Your brand is how others view your business, so it’s important to dedicate the time and effort to your Joomla template design - to represent it in the best possible manner.


With Butterfly creating custom Joomla templates for your website, you’ll have our web savvy team of graphic designers, web developers, web programmers, online writers and online marketers working for you.


We’ll help you capture the look and feel of your brand online - and position it powerfully; whilst ensuring it has the added web functionality, to work effectively for your business.


What’s more, having Joomla templates custom built doesn’t have to cost the earth either. It can be affordable to a range of budgets and catered to be packaged accordingly.


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