Working with Menus

Creating a new menu link To a page on your site

Firstly, create the page either as an article (Joomla 1.5) or a content item or static content item (Joomla 1.0).

When you are ready to create the menu item:

  1. From the Menu menu, choose the appropriate menu for the new item (normally Main Menu in Joomla 1.5 or mainmenu or bottommenu in Joomla 1.0)
  2. Click on New
  3. In Joomla 1.5: [Help to determine which version of Joomla you are on]
    • Select Articles from Internal Link under Select Menu Item Type
    • Choose Article Layout
    • On the right of the screen under Parameters (Basic) press the Select Button
    • Click on the title of the page that you want to link to
    • Back on the left of the screen give the menu a title (this is what will be displayed)
  4. In Joomla 1.0:
    • Choose Link - Static Content to link to a static content item or Link - Content item to link to a regular content item
    • Give the menu a name
    • Choose which content item to link to
  5. On Click - choose "Parent Window with browser navigation" (which means the same window that the visitor is in)
  6. The parent item - choose where you want the new menu to be under
  7. Published - yes
  8. If you'd like it to open in a new window select that under "On Click, Open in"
  9. Press save (in the top right of the screen)
  10. Review it online to make sure it works

Advanced: If you have trouble finding the page that you are trying to link to in the menu area, go to the page in your internet browser, copy the URL and then create a menu link directly to that URL.