Using the text editor to edit pages

Inserting tables

Tables are a useful for displaying information as well as controlling the layout of a page.

Plan the number of rows and columns that you want in your table.

Put the cursor where you want the table and click on the "Insert new table" button (Grid with pencil in the second or third row).

Insert the number of Columns and rows. If you are using the table for presentation purposes and don't want visitors to see the table, set the border to 0.

If you don't nominate a width the table will simply be as wide as the contents need it to be. If you aren't sure how wide you want the table, put it in at 300, insert the table, review how it looks and alter it as necessary.

On the Advanced tab you can specify the background image, colour and border colour if desired.

When you are finished, press "Insert".

Note: if you can't see the table it is because the borders are set to zero. Put the cursor above the table and select until underneath it - this will highlight the table.