How it’s done

Direct delivery

Getting your emails to where they’re meant to go is an important first step. We can do that. No problem. We increase deliverability rates, and clean your database ’til it sparkles – no more duplicate or invalid addresses mucking things up. But there’s more to email marketing than that.


Design and branding

Our design skills come into play yet again when it comes to email marketing. We design and render emails for maximum effect. This strengthens your brand, especially because we can make sure you’ve got a consistent look across all campaigns.


Responsive templates

With over 50% of all emails now viewed on mobile devices, having a template that works across all sizes is undeniably vital to getting your message read. Butterfly’s technical expertise saves the day here too, with cross client and device testing as standard operating procedure for our email templates.


Leave it to us

We can manage any aspect of email marketing – whether it’s taking care of the whole process, or one or more parts of it. We can:

  • Create a template for you to use in-house
  • Manage bounce-backs and unsubscribe requests
  • Forward replies and booking requests to you
  • Create campaign email addresses
  • Upload existing and new databases
  • Make sure your emails pass spam verification settings and also comply with spam legislation, including any new changes

With us looking after any or all of this, you’re free to do the work that matters most to you.

We don't stop there

We gather metrics, deliver reports (including making them available online), and – most importantly – help you make sense of them. Then we can work together to make your email marketing even better. And as you grow, our email solution grows with you.

we do not stop