With Butterfly, support is front and center.

It’s not because we expect things to go wrong. Rather the opposite. We give our clients a warranty of 12 months - much longer than standard - so you can see we stand by our product.

image of helpdesk's tasks sheet photo of staffs at the meeting photo of developer

We will of course iron out any bugs, but our support is also there for you when you need to change or add something, or can’t quite remember how to put that image into that template, or have trouble when that new software you’ve got doesn’t seem to be fitting.

The people on our help desk are actually developers, so they come up with the answers themselves. We streamline our support structure, managing large and small support projects separately so one doesn’t push the other to the back of the queue. We keep you informed of where things are at with a ticketing system.

The help and support team is based in Melbourne, and provides assistance between 8.30am and 5.30pm weekdays.


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