Here’s why you need a WCAG friendly digital design system

There is something very pleasing and comforting about consistency to us humans. We don’t just like the familiar, we love it. That’s one reason why as brands we don’t change our logo every week, or use 18 different fonts across our website.

It’s why we create a brand style guide for our designers, but just as websites are becoming more responsive, and company files moving to the cloud, style guides are evolving with the digital era.

Brands to interfaces, how we do it at Butterfly

A couple sits down at their laptop looking for the perfect wedding venue. It’ll take them a while to find the right one, but it’ll only take them a few milliseconds on a bad website to put a venue on the reject pile.

We have just one fleeting moment to make a good first impression.

An internet for everyone

Why your website needs to be accessible to all.

Imagine you have a disability and take public transport to work. You cannot stand for long and rely on people offering their seats in the morning rush. Sometimes you need to ask, but it is an uncomfortable experience because your disability is hidden — no one can tell by looking at you that it’s something you live with.

The evolution of responsive design

If you can’t remember the last time you used the reverse pinch gesture on your smartphone to zoom in on a website that’s probably because Google doesn’t want you to.

In April 2015, Google launched changes to their search algorithm to make it easier for users to access "relevant, high quality search results that are optimised for their devices".

Digital Christmas Cheer - The best of 2014

The silly season is near

The best part of Christmas has to be the lead up. The weather is warmer, shoulders and winter-white arms get some much-needed sun, the shops are getting carol-happy and stocking all-things-Christmas, and the Butterfly team is no exception – we begin decorating the office midway through November to echo the festive mood.

UI design – A history of web design trends

The latest design craze to hit the world wide web is flat design, the sophisticated cousin of minimalism. In stark contrast to ubiquitous skeuomorphism style (made famous by the user interface on Apple products), flat design does away with the hyper-realistic representation of objects, instead focusing on clean lines and flat areas of colour.

Butterfly “Best of the Best” at Melbourne Design Awards

Big news- Butterfly received the top award for a studio with 20+ staff at last night's Melbourne Design Awards!

This award means that Butterfly was judged the best agency across all the entries! It’s a great recognition of the team effort and commitment to design creativity and technical excellence that Butterfly strive for.

We are especially thankful for the hard work of our wonderful clients who went on the creative journey with us, and hope they are as pleased and excited as we are to be recognised.

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