That’s why they’re so good. That and their natural talents. Butterfly can do anything from a simple build to a carefully detailed custom development.

We approach each project according to its needs. We always develop something that clients will be able to manage and use themselves, choosing the content management system that will work best for the client and the project.

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Agile development

We like the Agile approach, because it’s a way of managing projects that reflects what we like to do anyway - giving clients involvement, transparency and certainty.

Rather than do the whole job and present it to you as a fait accompli, with Agile we break the work down into smaller chunks and complete one step before taking the next. That way, we know you’re happy with the direction we’re taking. It’s a more organic way of working because we’re constantly taking your feedback on board.

Agile project management works especially well for web site design and development. It’s easier to discover unforeseen requirements earlier on in the process and then easier to meet those requirements if we need to change direction.

Agile has worked especially well for us on larger projects, where we’re working out what’s needed as we go along.

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Everything has to work together. Your e-­commerce, customer relationship management,
database systems – whatever we build for you has to fit in with what you’ve already got. Depending on what’s needed, we’ve done everything from basic plumbing to complex surgery.
(Actually, we get APIs working together).

Microsoft Dynamics is taking off as the CRM tool of choice and we’re one of the few digital agencies around who have experience in integrating with it. In fact, Butterfly is an officially designated Microsoft partner.
We’re also a Telstra partner. So you can trust our integration know­-how.

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We want everyone to experience what we’ve created, so we make our websites as accessible as possible.

If you need us to apply the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines down to the last detail—and to the highest priority levels—we can do that. Testing against WCAG 2.1 auditing and development is another additional service we offer.

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We choose the Content Management System that will best suit the project and the client. We’re known as Joomla experts and love working with it. But with the release of Drupal, we’re recommending Drupal for suitable multi-site and government work we’re doing.

Because Joomla and Drupal are open-source, you’re not tied to just one developer or digital agency. We’re confident enough in our work that we don’t feel the need to trap you with a house-built proprietary system.

Mobile App Development

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