Most CRM interfaces are bland and uninspiring at best, clunky and unusable at worst. Butterfly creates beautiful, usable interfaces to complex systems, for a truly seamless experience.

Microsoft is recommending ADX as the web portal plug-in for Dynamics, and, because there are built-in connections between the two, choosing ADX to build a web portal may well mean less development time and complexity.

ADXstudio comes with event management functionality, membership tools, and even e-commerce features, all of which connect natively to MS Dynamics. You might also like community tools such as forums which come ‘out of the box’.

For some clients, a simple, integrated form is enough to make a web-CRM connection sing, but for others, nothing but total integration will do. So Butterfly has the tools and know-how to sort the solution for either – and anything in between. 


ADXstudio services


With Butterfly sibling Centauri, we can plan the best possible use of MS Dynamics + ADXstudio.

Design and development

Custom designed user interfaces and flows. An experience that reflects your brand. From blank slate to well oiled machine, Butterfly can deliver this essential part of your IT/Marketing infrastructure.

Training and support

Need a refresher or adding new staff to the team? Our professional support team works in ADXstudio day in day out and can fill in any gaps in your understanding or workflows to make sure you are getting the most out of the CMS.

What could ADX Studio do for your business?
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