We’ve got a long history together (going on 10 years!). We use Joomla because it’s both developer and user friendly. In other words, we like using it, and we know you will too, whether you’re an IT pro or IT phobe.

With Joomla, you can easily change or add to your own site, rather than having to rely on someone external or heaping up unnecessarily intensive work onto an already overworked IT department (especially good if you’re in that overworked IT department).

Joomla has a huge library of plug-ins and extensions that we use for web development, modifying them if needed. We’re also good at making our own when we can’t find the right one.

Other pluses? Joomla’s stability and functionality. The community support around it, which we contribute to and gain from, and the way Joomla and its community keep up with modern programming techniques. The fact that we’re not tied into one particular look – all our Joomla sites are unique.

Joomla services

Discovery and planning

Choosing the right CMS can be tricky. Our process gets the balance of requirements, just right so you can be sure of an easy to use system with the perfect amount of power and flexibility.

Custom development and integration

When out of the box just won’t fit, Butterfly can develop the perfect product for you. We’ve created efficiencies using integration pieces since APIs were invented and know our way around a CRM or two.

Complete build

Since 2006 we’ve built hundreds - hundreds - of sites using Joomla. We know what it is capable of, and how to get the most out of it. If it’s right for your project, we’ll recommend it.

Refresh or support an existing site

As Joomla experts, we have taken on a lot of fixer uppers over the years and know how to tell if it’s a tear down or just a light renovation.

Training and support

Learn from the best, and receive fast, effective support from a team of professionals that know Joomla inside and out, whether it’s content entry assistance, or a complex bug, our dedicated team have the answers.

Kick start your next Joomla project with Butterfly