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Design is the process of solving problems with strategy and creativity. It's so much more than just making things pretty. No matter the brand, no matter the product, Butterfly design is high quality, creative and unique.

At Butterfly, our practice is guided by the principle of human-centred design, which means we consider people’s needs and behaviour as a priority. We actively involve stakeholders — employees, customers, experts, end-users - to help ensure the solution is feasible, viable and meets a range of needs.

ux design.

Design is a non-linear process and valuable insights can be gathered at multiple points to help redefine our prior understanding of the way things are. User experience (UX) is all about how a person feels when using a system - in our case a digital product. UX Design is the process of researching and evaluating how users interact with a system and working to create an exemplary experience, meeting the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother.

The strength of UX design lies in its empathic, and iterative nature. At the heart of any solution is ‘User-Centric thinking’ — by putting users first and foremost, the end product will be an exceptional user experience.

To understand the problems users are facing, we start with quantitative and qualitative research, and various types of user engagement. Once research is synthesised, co-design workshops are used to enlarge upon our findings which allows us as a group to start mapping out things like user journeys and the Information Architecture (IA) of the website. The IA is the base structure and can be visualised in the planning stage through site-maps and wireframes. These artefacts help us test and iterate to ensure we are delivering a user-friendly interaction model.

Our depth of experience means that we are never starting from a blank page. By leveraging past experience and best practices, our solution will decrease the mental load of basic operations, allowing users to fully engage with the content on your website.

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ui design.

People do business with brands they trust. A brand's website is often seen as the front door to their business — a website or platform's user interface can play a huge role in how users perceive the brand. User interface design (UI) unites all of the work completed during the Discovery and UX phase of a project.

Whilst UX focuses on the journey and the building blocks of the experience, User interface (UI) design is about building interfaces with a focus on styling and interactivity. The website design principle: Aesthetic-Usability Effect talks about how important the UI is for a website; users believe that attractive interfaces work better than those that don’t.

UI Design plays an important role in solidifying that first impression and getting users to experience the site and all the work that has gone into the experience design. The goal is to create an interface and interactions that users are comfortable and confident with using.

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