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We often use the car analogy to explain why ongoing support and maintenance are so crucial. Generally, you take your car for a service every year to ensure that everything is running smoothly. This is not only efficient, but also saves a huge bill because you haven’t left the cumulative small issues which are prone to turning into bigger, and more expensive, problems. Similarly, your digital product needs continual care and maintenance to ensure business continuity and optimised functionality. Butterfly’s Customer Solutions team are the experts in this area and can provide a full range of support services, ensuring users and organisations benefit from updates and system maintenance to reduce the risk of any threat to business continuity.

Butterfly has the expertise and systems to ensure that your assets are well looked after, and your internal team is supported:

  • For small, medium and large changes
  • Oncall resources for emergency issues
  • Level 2 technical support for your internal staff
  • Secure, scalable, robust hosting

So whether it's hosting queries, system architecture needs, technical audit requirements, or just something that’s bothering you, we’re always here to find the best solution for your technical needs.

our team on your team.


Support is offered through our Customer Solutions team - a select team of experts who know you, your brand and your digital solutions, so you always have someone to rely on and call upon.

Through this team, you have quick access to:

  • Assistance with the planning of both long and short-term strategy
  • Access to a quick and easy ticketing system for any support requests
  • Account administration and management
  • Briefs and estimates (including solution architecture)
  • Access to advice and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • A point of escalation for Support tickets

We provide ongoing hosting of applications and websites using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Full-service scalable hosting solutions

Butterfly provides full-service hosting; managing domain names, web hosting, DNS records, and

email. This service offers peace of mind, knowing that if a problem arises, you need only contact one company for assistance.

Secure data centre and Uptime Guarantee

This service is provided across multiple, geographically distributed data centres used for provisioning scalable hosting. This multi-zoned approach ensures availability and provides redundancy, ultimately mitigating any risk of loss of service in the event that a data centre becomes unavailable for any reason. Butterfly confidently provides a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee for all of our hosted clients.

Managed Environments

As AWS specialists, we can configure your hosting infrastructure to take advantage of secure and modern tools. Butterfly will provide you with a suite of managed environments that all have a unique purpose and are designed to work together to ensure efficiency and accuracy. These can be tailored to meet your individual hosting goals.

DevOps (infrastructure, monitoring, and automatically scaling environments)

Using DevOps approaches to automate operational tasks, updates are deployed more frequently than in the traditional release cycle. Depending on the project, it includes infrastructure, monitoring, and automatically scaling environments for staging and production. By setting up a project so that all changes are automatically checked and automatically deployed, we practice continuous integration and continuous deployment (together known as CICD).

Security monitoring

Butterfly provides a quarterly vulnerability report which details available updates for either your website and / or platform (CMS, PHP, extensions), as well as an estimate to implement the updates and patches, and a rating of how critical each recommendation is to the maintenance and security of your assets.

This ensures:

  • Your assets are kept up to date
  • Your website will operate at its fullest potential
  • Keeping a website’s security up to date is imperative
  • Risks of not doing so could instances such as:
    • Leaked customer data
    • Credit Card information theft
    • Potential identity theft
    • Impact on the consumers trust
Future planning

We see ourselves as an extension of your business. We regularly consult and work with clients to identify and deliver enhancements to digital products. To get the best fit solution we utilise the skills and experience of our whole team across strategy, design and software engineering.

we are here to support you and your team.

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