It's no secret that our industry moves fast. Our work is rooted in transformation - taking something from what it is to what it can become. Our goal is to help our clients embrace new technologies to advance their business.

in order to achieve this, we are guided by our values.

Relentless improvement

Relentless improvement

The rapid speed of our industry requires constant attention. Future growth is driven and supported by looking into the horizon and implementing clear, defined, strategies for action. Growth occurs when employees, as well as clients, have the opportunity to explore with curiosity.

Response agility

Response agility

Whether it is addressing the needs and demands of our clients or exploring the latest technology, we remain on the cutting edge. We believe that adaptability, innovation, and a willingness to fail forward are required to succeed.



Our team members at Butterfly are experts who, through a culture of response agility and relentless improvement, are always eager to learn and grow. In order to meet your business needs, they are committed to providing industry-leading, best practice solutions which always keep the end user in mind. We aspire to be the benchmark to which our peers aspire.

our story.

Butterfly is a Melbourne success story.

From its roots in a Southbank apartment in 2006, the business has grown into the number one web development company in Melbourne (Clutch, August 2021).

In addition to being named the best studio with 20+ employees at the Melbourne Design Awards, Butterfly has won over 64 awards. As a result of our efforts, Butterfly has also received industry accolades – from being appointed to the board of the Australian Web Industry Association, to being asked to engineer the backend for the Australia Joomla website, and finally to our guidelines for clean code being recommended by the Australian Federal Government’s digital transformation office.

If the pandemic of 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we are a capable, resilient team that can adapt quickly in the face of uncertainty.

We look forward to a bright future.

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